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Expert Advice

We were delighted to welcome Baroness Rona Fairhead C.B.E., as a speaker at one of our recent CCA events.

Her advice for SMEs who wish to export was clear and comprehensive.  In fact, it was so good that we have included the main points and useful websites here to help those wishing to export.

Useful websites:

Rhona Fairhead.jpg

Comprehensive guides that cover important details for exporters including how to export, making an export plan, which forms are required for your goods, VAT implications for certain countries and a host of other useful information.

The Export Academy is a free programme from the DIT, giving know-how to sell to customers around the world with confidence.

  • The Sector and Regional Teams for DIT have over 300 international trade advisors in the UK - 100 are in the NW region.

  • Parliamentary Export Programme - where local MPs meet with business enterprises, and backed by The Great campaign.

  • UK Tradeshow Programme which supports companies that want to go to overseas trade shows to sell.

  • Internationalisation fund - there is £38 million available for SMEs, allowing them to employ professional firms, accountants, lawyers and tax accountants to help them to internationalise.

  • UK Export Finance - have created a new SME focused general export facility which is a flexible export guarantee scheme allowing SMEs to secure up to 80% government guarantee for bank loans.   It is available from all major high-street banks.

    A few other ideas that companies may also wish to try:

  • Use the improved digital tools that are out there. has a lot of useful information to help businesses find out about the Export Academy and grants available.

  • Reach out to local DIT representatives - Debra Rose is the International Trade Advisor for the NW region.

  • Stay close to relevant trade associations.

  • Link up with Export Champions - go to some of their events.

  • Reach out to your bank or trade export teams to find out if they can support you with finance.

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