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CCA for Business

The opportunities for Cheshire businesses to trade with the Commonwealth are vast.  The Cheshire Commonwealth Association aims to support businesses in the county to understand the benefits of working with the Commonwealth and find the best routes to trading.

The Commonwealth is a highly effective trading collective and through our close work with the Department For International Trade, we can help businesses in Cheshire learn about the Commonwealth and its particular benefits, leading to more opportunities in international trade.


The CCA hosts a variety of events throughout the year to inform and educate - helping to bring the right people together to share experiences and best practices and learn about international Commonwealth trade.

You can read more about the Commonwealth and the creation of better trade opportunities below.

The UK has signed trade agreements with over 70 countries plus the EU, most of which can be used right now.  33 of these are with members of the Commonwealth, including those part of the EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement and including the new free trade agreements with Australia and New Zealand, and the world’s most innovative Digital Economy Agreement with Singapore. 


Each agreement is designed to make it easier for you to buy or sell goods or services internationally. Businesses that trade overseas can be more profitable as they have a bigger customer base and more opportunities to boost their profits. 


If your business sells, buys, uses, supplies, or receives goods or services from other countries, then you could benefit from using a trade agreement.  

Trading with the Commonwealth

In 2021:

  • UK exports to the Commonwealth were worth £61.3 billion; British imports from the Commonwealth were £59.3 billion.

  • The UK had a trade surplus with the Commonwealth of £2.1 billion – a deficit in goods was offset by a surplus in services.

  • The value of UK exports to the Commonwealth increased by 7.1% in cash terms between 2020 and 2021, while the value of imports increased by 20.8%.

  • The Commonwealth accounted for 9.4% of the UK’s total trade – 9.8% of UK exports and 9.1% of UK imports.  

  • UK trade with the Commonwealth was heavily focused on five countries – Australia, Canada, India, Singapore and South Africa; combined these countries accounted for 73% of UK exports to the Commonwealth and 74% of UK imports from the Commonwealth.

*all data above is from the Office for National Statistics

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