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TALL Security Print, part of the TALL Group of Companies, based in Runcorn, had some special overseas visitors this week having flown in and quarantined (in line with Covid-19 Guidelines) from Kwara State Polytechnic in Nigeria.


The guests had come to learn more about and see the secure certificate print services offered by TALL and the newly launched digitised university degree certificate platform which provides e-verification for TALL’s University clients in Africa.


Using TCS iON’s Digital Records Solution, TALL provide secure encryption technologies and an easy access portal to offer an on-demand digital verification process, the issue or re-issue of certificates, and ensure strict data security and integrity. This enables the Universities to smoothly manage the end-to-end certificate issuance process, and ensure fraudulent alterations or counterfeit documents are identified and trapped at source.


Martin Ruda, Group Managing Director of the TALL Group of Companies, said, “We would like to thank Engr. Jimoh Muhammed ABDUL, Rector and Mr Olusheye Kolawole AKANDE, Registrar from Kwara State Polytechnic for taking the time to travel to Runcorn, including the enforced quarantine period, during a global pandemic – which is by no means an easy task!  There is unfortunately an all-too-common issue of fake or fraudulently altered degree certificates and qualifications being submitted to organisations which can lead to serious reputational damage to the issuing institution.  As a result, many educational institutions are now approaching TALL Security Print because we have established an internationally renowned expertise in secure print solutions in this market for three decades.”


TALL already supply a number of African education institutions across the continent and several of these are planning visits to see the secure print facility over the coming months. TALL will be hosting these visits and looking forward to more as the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

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