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Global communication and forging relationships has never been easier.  Through a series of diverse events, the CCA aims to demonstrate to Cheshire businesses that opportunities to work with the Commonwealth are both diverse and plentiful.  

Join one of our events and listen to world-class speakers - many of which are involved with the Commonwealth in various capacities, along with business leaders who have first hand experience of working alongside Commonwealth nations, and you too can broaden your opportunities in exporting.

With support from the Department for International Trade, LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership) and Cheshire Chambers of Commerce, you are sure to receive the answers and support you need, no matter which of the 54 nations you want to do business with.

Why attend a CCA event?

We love to get feedback, and are delighted that our events encourage and motivate companies from Cheshire to want to explore working with Commonwealth nations.  Feedback from our past events speaks for itself! 

72% gave the event a score of 5/5!

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"The speakers were very dynamic and very interesting. The audience was good and relevant.  It was also busy."

"Outstanding venue, possibly the best I have attended for many years!  Speakers and content held everyone's attention."

"The event was brilliant, as was the room - it felt like the UN! 

The speakers were interesting, and amazing to get the Secretary of State to speak also."

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