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The Electoral Commission of Uganda has appointed TALL Security Print, part of the TALL Group of Companies, to provide Ballot Paper requirements for the Ugandan elections taking place this week.


Printed through the run up to Christmas and the New Year, TALL Security Print was responsible for managing the process in the UK from the Ugandan Origination Department through to completion and delivery of the Ballot Papers which were made into books and securely shipped to Uganda.  In total over 24,000 candidate details were included on the ballots.


Martin Ruda, Group Managing Director, TALL Group of Companies, said, “The printing of ballot papers requires a high degree of technical competence.  We have developed reliable processes to fulfil high volume orders for these elections requiring an extremely fast turnaround. This was a complex order as the papers again included an image of the election candidates.”


“The whole team at our Runcorn site, from origination, through print to the shipping department come together in a concerted effort to fulfil these ballot paper requirements. The task made even harder operating under COVID-19 restrictions where we had to provide separate COVID secure facilities for the delegation visiting from Uganda to oversee our preparations and print of the ballot documents. As always, we are proud of our contribution to this African nation’s election.”


Ballot papers are one of the highest volume items of election materials produced for an election – and arguably the most important one. It is essential that the overall design and layout of the ballot paper is easy to use so that it can be clearly understood by all voters, and subsequently accurately processed by ballot counting staff as it is the form that translates voters’ candidate choice into their vote.


Over the past 16 years TALL Security Print has been responsible for producing millions of election ballot papers around the world and in the UK, working to critical deadlines and providing high levels of security. 

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