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Cheshire Uniformed Youth Groups meeting

On Tuesday 1st October, one of our Directors, Dhesi, Principal/CEO of Cheshire College was delighted to attend the Cheshire Uniformed Youth Groups meeting.

During his presentation Dhesi was able to talk about the Cheshire Commonwealth Association and shared our educational resources, which were well received with lots of follow up questions. Those present particularly liked that each of the activities were standalone, which provided flexibility. 


It was noted that there were some activities that could be done using the internet for research whilst other tasks were ‘off-line’, which allowed those groups that did not always have access to Wi-Fi to still participate, this added to the flexible nature of the packs.

The following groups were represented at the meeting:

  • Scouts

  • Guides

  • St Johns Ambulance

  • Air Cadets

  • Sea Cadets

  • Army Cadets

  • Cheshire Fire & Rescue

  • Cheshire Youth Federation


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